Things for which I am thankful

1. Space Bunny. She is everything a man could ask for. Beautiful, clever, funny, tolerant and committed to the Christian concept of marriage. She not only cooks an excellent pumpkin pie, but watches the games with me as well.

2. My family. Very few men have been so greatly blessed.

3. The peace, protection and prosperity that God has graciously given me. It is easy to take the quirks of birth as something that one somehow deserved; I don’t deserve it but I hope I can live in a mannner worthy of it.

4. My friends. They are loyal and true. I admire each of them, so different, and yet so similar in one vital way. They can all, to a man, be depended on.

5. My readers. I appreciate the way in which you challenge me, question me and force me to attempt to articulate my thoughts and live up to my words. The truth is, and although we can only perceive it in bits and pieces, we can always continue to pursue it. Many of you have helped me in my continuing pursuit of it, and I hope I have likewise helped you. And for my religious readers, I am very thankful for your prayers. It does make a difference, don’t let anyone convince you otherwise.

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone.