Mailvox: sleeping on ice

Steelreso takes the high road:

Nobody who has been married any length of time and wants to remain married should follow this advice. It is a recipe for total misery. Graciously treat her as the weaker vessel and take the high road, forego retaliation. A video replay would fail to convince the woman of her lack of logic. Ditto verbal jousts. You will only succeed in promoting your own sexual abstinence.

If men want to suffer nobly in silence, they are welcome to do so. I’ll pass, seeing as every married man I know who lives that way is miserable. The Bible is all about confrontation and individual responsibility, not forgoing either. We are to forgive as God forgives us, which is as a reaction to a confession or apology, not proactively, much less preemptively. As for promoting your own sexual abstinence, apparently Steelreso missed Space Bunny’s assertion of who it is that gets more action. Hint- it isn’t the meek.

Human beings will always gravitate towards the easier path. If you make it easier and more pleasant for a woman (or, for that matter, a man) to behave like a decent, civilized human being than a self-centered loose cannon, you seriously increase the odds that they will behave in the desired way. If they are so perverse that this doesn’t work, you’re screwed no matter what you do.