William Safire tries to create a groundswell:

Like a cloud no bigger than a man’s hand, the 28th amendment to the U.S. Constitution is gathering on the political horizon. No, it’s not the anti-same-sex amendment that President Bush supports. Only if the Supreme Court strikes down the federal Defense of Marriage Act – or if it overturns the changes in state constitutions adopted to block recognition of same-sex marriages legal elsewhere – will that proposed amendment have a remote chance of gaining support of two-thirds of the Congress and 38 states.

The founders made it hard to amend the Constitution, but since the Bill of Rights, it’s been done on the average of once every 12 years. It’s time to end discrimination based on place of birth that denies the equal right of every citizen to run for president.

No one outside of Schwarzenegger’s immediate circle gives the smallest component of an iota of a damn about this. Seriously, if you ever doubted the idea that the political elite attempt to drive the the political debate, this should convince you. There is overwhelming support for a defense of marriage amendment, plenty for a flat tax, and yet media whores think that the debate should revolve around letting foreign-born citizens run for president.

Unbelievable. Safire is simply a waste of ink and paper. He even describes Schwarzenegger as a libertarian conservative although neither the adjective nor the noun can reasonably be applied to the man. What a joke.