The price of national health care is death

From Reason:

The film [The Barbarian Invasions] opens with a nun struggling down the corridor of a crowded ward to administer Holy Communion. Patients, health professionals, even electricians, are tripping over each other, packed into an environment of general confusion. And yet there is another floor of the hospital that is completely closed, thanks to a government directive.

The dying man’s son is a successful investment banker in London. He’s the kind of guy who can wriggle around anything. First he wrangles his way into the hospital’s management offices without a pass and corners the manager, who is completely isolated from the chaos outside. He offers her a bribe to get his father moved out of the zoo and into a private space on the empty floor. She quietly takes the bribe but points out that she can do nothing without the hospital employees’ union. The son pays off the union boss to prepare a private room on the empty floor. Painters, carpenters, and other workers quickly make it up.

Then, because there is virtually no access to PET (positron emission tomography) scans in Canada, the banker takes his father to Vermont to get one. One of the son’s friends in Baltimore — one of many Canadian doctors who have emigrated to the U.S. — examines the scan and informs him his father will have a much better chance in Baltimore than in Montreal. Remarkably, the father will have none of it: “I voted for socialized health care,” he proclaims, “and I’m prepared to suffer the consequences!”

Perhaps he is, but I’m not. Nor should Americans, not even those low-IQ idiots who are so willing to fall for the same lethal promises from the elite politicians who claim to be so very concerned about them.

The same logic applies to education, abuse prevention and almost every other government “service” you examine in detail. It NEVER works. Once you get that through your head, you can start looking at the real world.