Those racist homeschoolers

From the Akron Beacon Journal: (reg required)

For all she knows, it may be an isolated incident, but a guide at an Ohio state park is still troubled by an interaction with a home-schooling family. One day, as an African-American child entered a park classroom, a home-schooled child said, “ `I don’t want no n—— sitting next to me,’ ” the guide recounted. “That was the worst,” she said. She is cautious and doesn’t want her name used because home schoolers frequently visit the park….

Home schooling has a strain of racism running through it that may reflect similar ideas held by others in the broader society. There are no studies or numbers to put racism and home schooling in perspective, but home-schooling laws that ensure that parents have the freedom to make socialization choices for their children also allow some families to completely withdraw from society….

A public educator said many home schoolers are reclusive and want to control their children’s ideas. “I think those are the ones that fall under the radar,” the educator said.

Right, because I NEVER heard the word “nigger” when I was in public school. Or when I was runnning the 100 meters in the regional championships against sprinters from Minneapolis North, Minneapolis South, Roosevelt, Washburn and Southwest, those notoriously Caucasian schools.

The educrats must be scared indeed if they’re already giving such prominence to the race card. And isn’t it ironic that the paper warns racism might be taught in homeschools when we know it is taught in public schools.