Tales of the lunatic lavender legion

Mike Adams finds himself in an alternate reality:

Here’s where the case gets really bizarre. The Victory Fund removed its derogatory statements about Boseman’s opponent after he fought back. Then Boseman’s supporters flooded the local paper and radio stations with complaints about the “hate speech” included in the Republican ad.

The quote that the homosexual community complained about was taken directly from the Victory Fund website. With straight faces (pun intended), the gay community then accused the Republicans of “hate speech” for quoting their own speech. Are you following this?

Then the local New York Times affiliate decided to jump in and rescue Boseman from the “hate crime” of accurately quoting a true statement made by gay lobbyists. They did this by retracting their previous endorsement of the Republican. They even accused him of “div(ing) in the gutter” for accurately quoting the gay lobby.

The truly bizarre thing is that the people of North Carolina elected the lesbian lunatic to their state senate. But one good thing has come out of this, as it should settle the question of whether homosexuals are self-hating or not once and for all. If they are now openly regarding their own words as hate speech, the prosecution can safely rest.