WE’LL do the politics, thank you

Phil Taylor writes on CNN/SI:

After helping to lead Boston to its first World Series title since 1918, Schilling suddenly feels politically astute enough to tell us all who our next president should be. Appearing on ABC’s Good Morning America the day after the Sox wrapped up the championship, he surprised interviewer Charlie Gibson at the end of the segment by saying, “And make sure you tell everybody to vote, and vote Bush next week.”

Nothing against Schilling — it’s hard to blame him for feeling full of himself after helping reverse the dreaded Curse of the Bambino — but he had no business injecting his political views, unsolicited, into the appearance. Besides that, his voting suggestions should carry about as much weight with the American public as, say, cooking tips from James Carville.

Right, no one should listen to that political ignoramus Curt Schilling, the enlightened analysis and advice that those noted political experts Michael Silver, Peter King, Dr. Z and the guy from San Francisco with the gay father whose name I can’t remember have not exactly been shy about offering over the last month or two notwithstanding.

“Besides, we already know who’s going to win the Series: Boston, because — well, because that’s just the way it is right now. The Patriots haven’t lost in 13 months, and in another two weeks, give or take a few manual recounts, a senator from Massachusetts is going to be elected president.” – Michael Silver, CNN/SI, October 22, 2004