Book reviews

Redneck’s Corner takes a gander at THE WAR IN HEAVEN:

If you are a student of the Bible and have a good grasp of it, you are going to love this book. That said the character development is excellent. You get to know all the characters personally and it feels as if you knew them…. I want to tell you from my heart that if you are an educated Christian this is the book for you. It details what we all believe into fantasy. What a great Job.

JamieR also emailed some comments about THE WORLD IN SHADOW yesterday. “Loved the story – once I picked up the book, finished it in 2 nights – and damn, the last 50 pages rocked, but I dont know whether I can say it was way better than War In Heaven, maybe thats got something to do with the discovery of what you’re writing about…. The last third of the book I couldn’t put down.”

In answer to Zod’s question: “I would be interested to know if the angelic hierarchy described in the books is based on any sort of historical description or is the invention of the author.” the one that I used was a modified version of the one created by St. Jerome. It goes as follows, from greatest to least:

1. Seraphim

2. Cherubim

3. Principalities

4. Dominations

5. Powers

6. Archangels

7. Angels