Outtricking the trickster

The Greatest Show on Turf looked rather underwhelming yesterday. My favorite thing about what is sure to be TMQ’s Sweet Play of the Week tomorrow was that the supposed trick play guru of the NFL was all but depantsed by the fake FG that put the game away for New England.

The Patriots get stuff on a third-and-goal run and WR Troy Brown – who did a very nice job playing defensive back, by the way – looks as if he’s walking off the field with the rest of the offense as the kicking team comes on. But as he stops by the sideline, the Rams take no note and line up to make a completely desultory effort at blocking the field goal attempt. Except there isn’t one, as Viniateri takes the snap from center and throws an easy little pass to Brown while the Rams stand there, jaws gaping, and the game is essentially over.

And yes, I enjoyed the lingering camera shot of Mike Martz staring blankly at the field before getting all hot and bothered at the referees, his defense, at everyone but himself. Legal play, Coach Martz, legal play….