Jesustani jihad

Mark Steyn hits the mark:

However superior the EU is to the US, it will only last as long as Mr Reade’s generation: the design flaw of the radical secular welfare state is that it depends on a traditionally religious society birthrate to sustain it. True, you can’t be a redneck in Spain or Italy: when the birthrates are 1.1 and 1.2 children per couple, there are no sisters to shag.

In the same way that socialism is parasitically dependent upon capitalism, the radical secularists are parasites that depend on a traditional religious society to survive. If the United Socialist States of Canada were to secede and leave Jesustan behind – a division I wholeheartedly support, by the way – we Jesustani would reclaim whatever USSC lands we wanted after three generations of unfettered abortion, low birth rates and sexually transmitted diseases dramatically reduced the population ala dying Western Europe.