This may amuse only me

So, I’m doing a little research preparatory to a chapter devoted to one of the fellows who likes to argue that the media is conservative. Not just the conservative media, mind you, the whole kit and kaboodle. He likes to cite a recent study released by the National Committee for Responsive Philanthropy, which found that between 1999 and 2001, conservative foundations gave $254 million to 350 grantees. That’s $725,714 per right-wing grantee, so, case closed, obviously it’s clear that this is how the media is controlled.

Of course, the NCRP, an “an interest group focused on homosexuality and civil rights captured during the 2002 campaign” which features the left-wing lunatic Julianne Malveaux on its board of directors, received $2.66 million in grants over the same period of time, which is 3.67 times more than the average received by these all-controlling conservative institutions.

Clearly, responsive philanthropy means giving money to leftists, since so few of them have any idea how to go about earning it.