Electoral College totals

Bush: 286

Kerry: 252

Not quite the 300+ victory I expected, but a comfortable one with the first clear majority of the popular vote in years. Not too bad, considering that I called a solid win for Bush six months ago. The Libertarian total of less than 400,000 is quite disappointing, though, and the LP+CP total won’t even reach 500,000. It shouldn’t surprise anyone that the American people prefer strong government to liberty, though, as Toqueville and Schumpeter predicted this long ago.

All according to the 2000 pattern so far. I’m calling FL myself based on the county changes from 2000 all going in the Republicans’ favor.

From NRO: 2nd round of exit polls

Kerry-Bush FL 50-49 OH 50-49 PA 54-45 WI 51-46 MI 51-47

However, In early 2000, exit polls showed: Gore +3 in Florida; Gore-Bush even in CO (Bush won by 9) Gore +4 in AZ (Bush won by 6)

Mark Steyn points out that the exit polls claiming 57-41 Kerry in NH and 60-40 Kerry in PA are not even remotely credible. Furthermore, the early polls were 59 percent female, yeah, that’s right, now the Three Monkeys are starting to see the light with regards to the suffragettes. Anyhow, the polls that scared KJL so are as meaningless as an exit poll of unregistered gay French communists.

KJL tries to hold panicked Republicans together on NRO:

bush down 4 in OH, down 4 in FL, down 1 in NM, down 1 in MI down 2 IA

Do not, again, do not take any exit poll resports too seriously. JUST GET OUT THE VOTE. Exit polls not always reliable, ESPECIALLY early ones. AND, this isn’t over until the polls close. So please get to work while there is still time.

DO NOT get depressed. DO NOT get mad. JUST GET OUT THE VOTE.

I contend this is the most important election of many of our lifetimes. I’m almost willing to make a deal and give the Dems 2008 if we can have this one.

What do you want to bet she’ll completely forget that statement by the time 2008 rolls around, regardless of who wins. Especially because it could be the Lizard Queen making it THE MOST IMPORTANT ELECTION OF OUR LIFETIME! Again. However she is right about the exit polls, as they are interesting but largely meaningless. I daresay that the ones that people are excitedly talking about have little more relevance than the one here, which shows a neck-and-neck race between Badnarik and Bush.