Newspapers can’t do math either

This cracked me up. These two articles are right next to each other on Editor & Publisher:

Daily newspapers in 11 states with “anti-gay” constitutional amendments on the Nov. 2 ballot are editorializing against the measures by more than 10-1, the Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation (GLAAD) is reporting. “When you look at newspaper endorsements and editorial pages, the vast majority of them are calling on voters to defeat these amendments,” said GLAAD Executive Director Joan M. Garry in a statement.


According to an analysis of the latest FAS-FAX circulations figures, due out this afternoon, the Newspaper Association of America reported today that overall daily circulation dropped .9% and Sunday circulation decreased 1.5%.

No, there’s surely no connection. Businesses that hate their customers and attempt to force on them things they dislike usually increase their sales, don’t they?