No terrorists here, nosiree!

From WND:

Here are the facts the NTSB failed to address and resolve before resorting to a theory without credible factual support:

Many credible witnesses described a modest initial explosion that created a fire toward the rear of AA587. At least one rear passenger door and a cargo door appeared to have separated from the plane in the opening seconds of the tragedy.

The NTSB made no attempt to interview and obtain comprehensive statements from the witnesses and attempt to use those statements to develop an initial investigative hypothesis. An honest investigation would have expeditiously taken this step. Then, evidence would be built around those statements, or the statements would be shown by objective analysis to be in error. And the reasons for judging witness statements in error would be fully explained in writing. This did not happen.

The NTSB did not release photos and a debris field map showing where the first parts of the aircraft rested on the Bay floor under only a few feet of salt water.

Potentially critical video tape of AA587 has been withheld from the public.

Within minutes of AA587 going down, Colin Powell and other high-ranking federal officials raced for the media microphones and began chanting a propaganda mantra: It was not a terrorist act.

This would seem to suggest that combining strong offensive operations in the Middle East along with lying to the public would make for an effective means of eliminating terrorism in America. I wonder how they’ll spin it if a nuke goes off in New York Harbor? Maybe the NTSB can draw up a cartoon of how an atom moved the wrong way at just the wrong moment and chalk it all up to proton error.