Critiquing Mr. Buchanan

Pat Buchanan endorses George Bush:

While both men are wrong on Iraq, Ariel Sharon, NAFTA, the World Trade Organization, open borders, affirmative action, amnesty, free trade, foreign aid and Big Government, Bush is right on taxes, judges, sovereignty and values. For conservatives, Kerry is right on nothing.

Actually, Bush is not right on taxes, as he supports the criminal fraud that is the IRS. He is not right on judges, as the re-election of Arlen Spector means that any genuinely Constitution-abiding judges will be blocked. He is not right on sovereignty, as he does not respect the sovereignty of other nations nor his own, as demonstrated by his staunch support for the legitimacy of the United Nations and the Law of the Sea treaty. Values, I will concede as I have no information to the contrary. So, Mr. Buchanan’s summary is almost completely incorrect.

I cannot endorse the candidate of Michael Moore, George Soros and Barbra Streisand, no matter how deep our disagreement with the fiscal, foreign, immigration and trade policies of George W. Bush.

Then support Michael Badnarik of the Libertarian Party or Michael Peroutka of the Constitution Party. It is the height of irony for a former third-party candidate to pretend that there are no other candidates for whom Americans can vote.

As Barry Goldwater said in 1960, in urging conservatives to set aside their grievances and unite, the Republican Party is our home. It is our only hope. If an authentic conservatism rooted in the values of faith, family, community and country is ever again to become the guiding light of national policy, it will have to come through a Republican administration.

If that is true, than there is no hope and authentic conservatism will never again become the guiding light of national policy. Unfortunately, it almost surely is true, at least until the financial system fails and creates the necessary impetus for significant change. (Which, admittedly, will probably will be in the direction I would prefer.) There is as much hope of Jacksonian democrats regaining control of the Democratic party as conservatives taking control of the Republican party, because both the Republican and Democratic parties are factions of the same globalist-corporate ruling party. This has been true for over a century.

Prodigal Republicans now understand that their cohabitation with Big Government has brought their country to the brink of ruin and bought them nothing. But if we wish to be involved in the struggle for the soul of the GOP – and we intend to be there – we cannot be AWOL from the battle where the fate of that party is decided

You can fight for something that has been bought and sold, but the effort will ultimately be futile. The fate of the Republican party was decided long ago, not even a genuine conservative maverick in the White House managed to effect any lasting change. If you examine the rhetoric of Democrats from 40 years ago to the rhetoric of Republicans today, you’ll soon realize that the only significant change is that both Democrats and Republicans have moved to the left. The institutions are in Republican hands, but the long-term direction remains unchanged.

Mr. Buchanan and Mr. Farah have both made their accomodations with the corruption of American conservatism this year. Perhaps they are too old to see that the status quo is not forever, or they are simply too weary to continue fighting what certainly appears to be the inevitable. I harbor no anger or irritation over what I consider to be their momentary failures of principle here, only some pity. Because the truth is the truth, regardless of whether one man or one billion men hold to it.

And perhaps George Bush is divinely appointed to lead this nation at the present time. After all, the one-world government that the globalists are constructing and which Christians have been expecting for 2,000 years isn’t going to complete its installation without help from the leader of the once-free world.