Speaking of media hos

Eric Muller notes that I’m not the only non-left, non-academic, non-ethnic critic of Me So Michelle’s race-based lockup advocacy:

This is getting tiresome. Another radical-left, civil-liberties-absolutist, ethnic-grievance-industry-supporting rag rips apart Michelle Malkin’s “In Defense of Internment.”

This time, it’s the Wall Street Journal.

The review is actually pretty soft on the Gestapette, from my perspective, but then I think I’ve adequately demonstrated how little the media knows about history in general and military history in particular.

I wonder how far over the line you can go before a journalist will notice? I mean, I expect that even the average ABCNNBCBS sort will blink if you relate something to the way Julius Caesar’s Xth legion battled Rommel in North Africa. But change Rommel to the Desert Fox, and it might just fly right over their heads.