The questionable lineage of St. Paul

Guerilla Monkey talks with Nick Coleman:

2:10 AM. The phone rings. Before I even answer I know who’s on the other end.

I pick it up and hear a man sobbing. It’s Nick Coleman. Again.

“Nick, do you know what time it is?”

“Yeah, G. and I’m sorry. It’s just…it’s them again. They’re doing it again.”


“THEM! The #$@^% bloggies. They’re doing it again.

Bloggies? What the hell are bloggies?

“I tried to ignore them but the things they say. You wouldn’t believe the things they say about me. They’re so…so hurtful.”

“Listen, Nick, its late…”

Since readers of this blog tend to be a little more broad-based geographically, I should probably explain that Nick Coleman is a columnist for the Star Tribune – which is in Minneapolis – and combines a complete lack of writing talent with an insufferable sense of his own moral superiority. Amusingly, he’s married to another columnist, Laura Billings of the St. Paul Pioneer Press, who is more than a bit of a ditz. She once wrote an entire column about how the USA could learn a lot from Britain about gun control, totally clueless with regards to the massive irony of that idea.