Call me Annabella

Not a great week, not a bad week, but the White Buffalo gained on us, Zerb passed us, and we’re in 39th place, 44 points behind the leader. We can’t even use Annabella as an insult for WB anymore, as a crushing 109-point week put her 14 points in front of us. But it’s a marathon, not a sprint, and we’re still in it. Our Week 3 record wasn’t great, but we gave up only one high-point game so the points were all right. 8-6 last week, 28-18 overall.

Fantasy, on the other hand, was grim. This appears to be one of those years where everyone goes off against me; Space Bunny’s team scored only 10 points after laying 40 on me last week in handing Chokechain an easy win, while Big Chilly racked up almost 40 himself. Daunte and the Oakland D were good, but Peerless Price is looking utterly worthless and Ahman Green scored one pathetic point. Things had better turn around fast.