Mailvox: it’s all in Grimm

DG has the answer:

I am so sorry to hear this rubbish being bandied about as though all of you knew what you were talking about. (Re: The Japanese internment camps and their need for being.) I have yet to read what we were told at the time of these interments, so I am taking it upon myself to tell you what we, as school children, were told. We at that time were allied with China. We were told that the reason the Japanese families were sent to camp was for their own protection. It was as simple as that, and the reason was accepted as logical and humane, for the people were angry and wished to strike out against an enemy. At least that was the rationale at the time. I was a twelve year old kid and had many Japanese friends, and yes, it angered me that these people were singled out and sent away, but the logic behind this made sense.

Yes, military historians often assert that one of the best ways to understand the rationale behind events of the past is to study what adults were telling children at the time. No doubt we should revisit “Little Red Riding Hood” to learn precisely how Clovis defeated the Visigoths at Vouillé.

Where do you go with this, except to stand mute, in awe?