Mailvox: hearing from the Malkin fans

YR writes:

The sneak attack at Pearl Harbor was an act of war you fucking twit. I am proud to have nuked their gook asses. They were cruel evil motherfuckers. Man you are an idiot. Ever served in the military, you fucking dweeb? Get a LIFE man. People like you should be deported and shot. You talk all this crap, but have ZERO military experience. The Japanese attack on 7 December 1941 was act of war fuckwit!!!!!!! We should have tortured their citizens exactly like they did with ours. So we put some Japanese Americans assholes in camps, so what? Many of them colaborated with the mother nation, Japan!!!! Midget subs were the first to attack on that infamous day. LEAVE the USA if you hate it so much!!

I’m sure it does Michelle Malkin’s heart good to know that in her place, she’s got eloquent folks like these defending her position. Did they have midget subs? Sweet Cthulhu, I must completely revise my analysis!