Enough is enough

A few people have emailed to express this sentiment today, which is funny considering that I considered today’s column my final public word on the matter unless a) they start interning people or b) someone challenges me to a public debate on the subject.

The irony is that even though it has already been admitted that the forgeries aren’t genuine and the story that Dan Rather was biased and willing to lie in order to elect Democrats was hardly surprising, I count two front page stories and three columns on Dan Rather and CBS on WND alone today. Townhall features 15 columns on Rather on its Columnists page, running as many as three per day. Conservatives just can’t get enough of it, apparently. But they deem my three columns in four weeks on internment over the top and bordering on obsessive. Right….

Anyhow, it’s of no concern to me. It never has been and it never will be. There’s a reason why I call my column Defending the Mike. Those down with PE will understand.

By the way, I should probably mention for the sake of those readers who have expressed concern with my audience retention that more people are reading my boring, bludgeoned equine of a column than are reading any other column on WND today, including the big headline pieces. Three times more than some of those ever-fascinating CBS columns. Not that it matters. I mean, you don’t honestly think that I believe a world that is truly concerned with Britney Spears’s marital status is all that interested in anything that happened in the 1940s, do you?