Getting closer

To total Windows-free operation, not counting games. It’s been a hassle to transfer my writing from the laptop to my Dana; while it’s doable, it’s enough of a pain that for the most part, I only use my Dana for reading. However, after I started using Blue Nomad’s Wordsmith on the Dana, which serves as both an ebook reader and a word processor, I decided to check out the Linux utility they had available for download.

What’s nice is that the combination of Blue Nomad’s wsconv utility with a pair of scripts allows me to save a file as an RTF, right-click on it to convert it to a Palm-readable PDB format, then fire it over to the Dana. That last step still requires hopping into Windows for now since the Dana , but someone’s already figured out how to get the Dana hotsyncing in Linux using infrared, so it’s only a matter of time before there’s a decent USB option as well.