Mailvox: fostering evolutionary dead ends

MS writes:

I’ve been meaning to ask this question for awhile, but have been hesitant to given the rather un-pc nature of the question. I’d also be interested in comments from your vox folk. This has been touched upon just a bit in the comments from your “Homologic” blog, but –

I assume that you believe that most if not all of the factors that cause a teen to think they are gay are a result of things that happen to them in their childhood as opposed being born with it. If this is the case, what suggestions do you have for parents raising kids to prevent this from

happening (them thinking they are gay) I have my own thoughts about this (Basically – Dads: Stay in the picture and don’t be a jerk with your kids) but I wonder what your thoughts are.

This is really out of my league, and there are certainly those who will have more personal experience on which to base their opinions, but from a strictly material point of view, I tend to follow Paglia in her quasi-Freudian take on it. There seem to be numerous potential factors involved, but what appears to be a dependable nurturing environment to ensure that your line is not passed on is a dominant mother and an absent or rejecting father.

As for women, Paglia – more than a bit of a lesbian herself – quotes a friend in saying “too much tit or not enough.”

Strangely, it would seem to come down to the wisdom of .38 Special, who recommended holding on loosely, but not letting go. To be honest, I don’t think there is an answer, except that love, prayer, attention and affection are never wasted.

And if you happen to lose the genetic lottery or manage to screw it up and turn your boy into a flaming fairy whose heartfelt dream is to choreograph a drag show in Vegas, then continue to love them, pray for them and give them attention and affection anyhow.