I’m not obsessed, honestly

Among other things, I’ve just wrapped up work on the first comic book – er, that is to say, graphic novel – in the trilogy I mentioned some time ago. I have next to no experience with the genre, except for some creepy Weird Tales that Big Chilly used to have in his bedroom that scared me half to death when I was about eight, but it’s been a lot of fun. I particularly enjoy working with the creator, who has been kind enough to give me co-author credit. We’re going to be writing a novel based on the same series; even though we’re not done with the second and third parts of the trilogy, a ridiculous number have already been pre-sold, which had the effect of creating interest in a related novel.

In other news, it looks as if the three books of the EW series will be soon published by a Christian publishing house, separately from the same three books published by Pocket Books and intended for mainstream bookstores. This will be nice, as my association with a secular publisher has had the unfortunate effect of causing the books to go almost completely unnoticed by its core market. I don’t have a release date for “Wrath” yet, but if you want to check out the first issue of “Archangel: The Fall” you should be able to do so in about six weeks.