Since there’s no chance Malkin will show on Saturday, I’ve been passing some of the information I’d been retaining onto other blogs who are interested in continuing to strip the charlatan, along with the credulous sorts who are still taking her seriously. Was “most of the U.S. fleet destroyed at Pearl Harbor,” John Leo?* I’ve saved some of the best bits for the Northern Alliance, of course, and I’ll arrange to post a transcript here in the week following the show.

1. I find it strange that many people have been urging me, one not very widely read columnist, to “move on” while simultaneously reveling in the all-Rather, all the time coverage of the conservative columnists and the right-leaning blogosphere.

2. I also find it ironic that the Guard memos are portrayed as a bigger deal than the beginning drumbeat to build support for internment. Considering the many empty, but staffed FEMA “detention centers”, I think it is improbable that this will remain an entirely academic debate for long. I don’t claim to know for whom those centers are intended, but one has to presume that they exist for a reason.

3. The total lack of interest in conservative fraud expressed by people at places like NRO, compared to their rabid Pavlovian reaction to the smallest sign of inaccuracy in all things Democratic, is disheartening, though not all that surprising. I see little reason to believe that professional Republicans are any better or more intellectually honest than professional Democrats, the illusions of their honest, church-going fans notwithstanding. It’s not so much that neither side has a monopoly on the truth as neither side has any interest in it, if it does not serve their immediate purposes.

4. I am very, very glad that I decided against pursuing a media career after I was signed by Universal Press Syndicate. I’d rather work for the Porn King. He has more integrity and the money is significantly better. And Heather Naeurt notwithstanding, the women are much hotter too. Not that Space Bunny is likely to go for either option, you understand.

5. It is intriguing to discover what some self-identified Christian conservatives believe will see you damned to eternal Hellfire. I was aware that some people believe it is necessary to vote for George Bush in order to pass into the Kingdom of Heaven, I did not know that accepting Michelle Malkin’s revisionist fantasy of WWII military history was also a requirement. Presumably that’s from the Book of Vulpes.

*And before someone starts arguing that it was the big important ships that were destroyed, please note that even if we count the beached Nevada as destroyed, that is still only 5 out of the 17 battleships that the US Navy possessed at the time. And, of course, 0 of 9 carriers, 0 of 18 heavy cruisers, 0 of 20 light cruisers, etc.