You mother get up…

come on get down with the sickness

Madness is the gift that has been given to me.

That’s Disturbed, Bane, the best and most evil band of the last four years. I had a tough time choosing between songs for the chapter headings in The Wrath of Angels, since I always limit myself to a maximum of two chapters per band. Uh-wha-ah-ah-ah. Voices is the song I used in those little MP3 experiments from a few months ago.

I can hear the voice but I don’t want to listen

Strap me down and tell me I’ll be all right.

I can feel the subliminal need to be down with the voice

And make everything all right.

It’s actually one of the better descriptions of demonic possession I’ve ever read. I think the lyricist is a preacher’s son gone bad or something like that. Great music, though, it was the sort of thing I wanted to do with Psykosonik, but Paul and Dan fell in love with The Orb and we ended up going with stronger trance and rave influences instead.