Sweet Shub-Niggurath on steroids!

I don’t know if is the higher than normal volume of critical mail today or the Vikings game tonight, but the adrenaline is definitely flowing. And I’ll never utter a dismissive remark about trainers again – okay, I probably will – but not about The Perfect Aryan Male’s guy, Eric.

Regulars may recall that TPAM got me going on a new program a month ago, one that has him up to 240 from 225. So, I wandered off to the gym this morning and found that I was already able to jack the two top sets of three up to 295. I’m not even on protein or creatine, which of course, has me thinking that maybe I should be. Forget Malkin, I want Alice! In a cage!

Anyhow, those of you who were asking about lifting programs should give that one a serious whirl.