Mailvox: I’m right here

A few emails from Mrs. Malkin’s fans have begun to flow in:

Vox, you’re too bright and insightful to eschew Michelle’s logic and the clear history that she presents about the Japanese removal. I haven’t read her book but I have seen her defend herself on TV and she’s absolutely right on the mark. If she accepts your challenge for a debate my friend, prepare to lose. – JM

I’m always prepared for that risk. I’m also demonstrably willing to take it. Is she?

Although I usually like your articles, I have to part with you on this one. You sound so frightening when you call Ms. Malkin “Out”. Ooooooh, Vox Day is so tough… – TC

I thought I proposed a debate, not a fight. Although I’m always up for that too. I can’t say that I like her odds any better that way, but I’m amenable.

I have observed Michelle Malkin discussing the Japanese internment on several occasions. I believe you are not quoting her correctly. In no case has she said that this was a good thing. She was merely making a case that there was some logical reasoning behind this unhappy event. And the lack of a direct threat of attack on the US mainland, there was a direct threat of harm to Americans and their allies elsewhere. And there WERE many “spies” among Japanese Americans. And Malkin’s discourse is not about facts – many are recorded in the hsitorical record, and she is merely rendering an opinion – just like you are. – FZ

I’m not quoting her at all, I’m tearing apart the foundation of her case, which is fatally flawed. The reasoning behind internment was neither logical nor defensible. Furthermore, Malkin not only continues to insist that there was a direct threat of an attack on the US mainland, her case rests upon it. Spies do not necessarily entail military necessity, otherwise we’d be rounding up all the Jews now, or at least those we missed after the Pollard affair. It is her opinion, and I’m demonstrating why her opinion is wrong.

Usually I like what you print but I’m with Michelle on this one… – MM

With what, refusing to address specific points and throwing out a few snarky comments while simultaneously complaining that others are ducking her? I can’t imagine that you are with Dan Rather too. I have no problem with those who think she’s got a convincing case, in fact, what I’d suggest is that if you’re confident she’s right, write to her at the email address she gives out on her blog:, and encourage her to pick up the gauntlet.