How to get banned

1. Direct foul language or undeserved insults at another commenter.

2. Continue to repeat a question after it’s been answered.

3. Post trollish comments on every post regardless of whether they are relevant to the post or not.

4. Immediately leap to a tangential objection after your initial objection has been shown to be irrelevant.

5. Show a disingenuous inability to comprehend what you’re reading.

6. Annoy Space Bunny.

7. Defend Nate or Bane. (I’m just kidding, everyone knows there is no defense for those two.)

8. Refuse to answer a specific question when I demand it of you.

9. Constantly asking questions while refusing to answer any.

When DK convinced me that this blog would be much better if, unlike most media commentators, I allowed comments, I was dubious, but I figured it was a worthwhile experiment. I’ve been delighted with the results, and to be honest, I’m shocked that I’ve only had to ban three people in 11 months, as when I first turned comments on, I expected I’d have to ban that many every week.

People can disagree with me all they want, as long as they’re civil Regulars here know that happens all the time. I don’t even mind being mocked and taunted when I deserve it, especially if it’s by those who have earned the right to do so through familiarity and friendship. But if you’re going to challenge me directly, you’d better have a coherent point and be able to back it up. If you don’t actually have a specific case, and all you can fall back on is vague generalities and things that “everybody knows”, then I strongly prefer that you go pester someone else, somewhere else.

I don’t have any problem admitting when I’m wrong. I’ve done it before and I’m sure I’ll do it again in the future. There are plenty of very smart people here and I found myself having to do it twice last week, as a matter of fact. So, if you’re going to comment here, you had better be prepared to do likewise from time to time.