The OC’s grand unified theory of hatred

I’ve noticed that whenever you write a column that is anything less than a whole-hearted endorsement of the sodomite lifestyle, you get deluged with email from people who accuse you of being gay and claim your antipathy is merely a symptom of your being deeply in the closet.

Assuming for the moment that there might be a nugget of truth in this premise, then doesn’t this imply that the most rabid Bush-haters on the left secretly adore him?

Ergo, instead of replying with matching hostility, shouldn’t Republicans be asking their opponents, “So, which is it? Is it just that you find supply-side economics strangely compelling, or do you secretly envision the President slipping into your bedroom in the middle of the night, wearing nothing but tight-whities, cowboy boots, and a smirk?”

Fat chance of it ever happening, but I’d sure like to see the look on some Code Pink tw*t’s face after that question.