It all comes down to fear

From the Washington Times:

The nation’s border czar yesterday said it is “not realistic” to think that law-enforcement authorities can arrest or deport the millions of illegal aliens now in the United States and does not think the American public has the “will … to uproot” those aliens. Homeland Security Undersecretary Asa Hutchinson also said taxpayers “might be afraid” to learn how much it would take in manpower and resources to control the nation’s borders and described as “probably accurate” a statement that no law-enforcement officials are looking for the vast majority of the 8 million to 12 million illegal aliens thought to be in the country.

Of course, if there’s a big enough scare, I imagine that missing will will suddenly be hard to ignore. I’m beginning to get a definite impression of “here we go again” from the increased interest with regards to the related matters of national ID cards, internment, deportation and increased terror strikes around the world. I’m simply hoping that Constitutional deportation will be favored over totalitarian internments.

Hutchinson’s statements do, however, appear to fortuitously pull the rug out from under the We Are At War crowd. If you can’t even bother to pay attention to 8 to 12 million aliens running around inside your borders, how serious can it possibly be? Or, alternatively, how massively incompetent is the Commander-in-Chief?