A salute to Ramesh

Sometimes NRO reads as if they are nothing but Republican Party cheerleaders, utterly devoid of any principle except party uber alles. But Ramesh Ponnuru is resolute in refusing to put on a skirt and wave pom-poms simply because it’s an election year. He provides a brief history of George Bush on campaign finance reform:

1) I’m against it, and you should vote for me over John McCain on this basis.

2) Some campaign-finance reforms amount to a restriction on free speech, and I’ll veto them on that basis.

3) I’ll sign the bill, let the judges sort it out.

4) The bill I just signed bans all those George Soros ads.

5) I’m going to sue to get those ads all banned.

6) I’m going to support legislation to ban those ads that I already banned, even though they used to be free speech.

Yes, ladies and gentlemen, this man is the man that many conservatives, Christians and Republicans regularly hold up as a model of character and integrity. Which makes me assume that their position on the War on Drugs must be highly, highly hypocritical.