My letter to the editor

After perusing the deputy editorial editor’s response to the second Powerline article tearing apart the increasingly bizarre claims of the Kerry campaign in the Star Tribune, I penned the following letter to the paper’s editor:

Dear Mr. Ringham,

I hope, sir, that you are embarrassed and appalled by the complete lack of journalistic integrity and competence demonstrated by Jim Boyd in the Star Tribune today. Do you seriously believe that the following statement passes for a credible response to the second Hinderaker-Johnson piece?

“Now comes their second piece. I could do extensive line-by-line analysis, but I will not. It would take space I do not have.”

Considering that the digital bits available at should be more than adequate to fulfill Mr. Boyd’s no doubt copious needs, and to which his piece in the paper could easily refer, this sounds suspiciously like empty words. Also, is “Moonie paper” an acceptable religious slur now? My AP Stylebook wasn’t clear on the preferred term.

Mr. Ringham, this is truly pathetic. I have been reading the Star Tribune for 19 years, and I cannot recall a shoddier, more haplessly incompetent editorial. Congratulations on allowing Mr. Boyd to take the paper to depths hitherto unknown.

In disbelief,

Vox Day

Universal Press Syndicate