Mailvox: educated by E

Kody puts on white armor and rides to the rescue of his helpless lady-love:

Who the hell do you people think you are. I don’t know much about politics, nor do I. I just wanted to write you and let you know I don’t get you people. What does everybody have against

Janeane Garofalo? Why is she such a bad person? So what if you don’t agree with her or think she’s wrong. You all say the same thing too, how you believe in free speech or whatever but then go on and on about how Ms. Garofalo is wrong. Leave her alone for fuck sakes! Voice your own opinion, do whatever the hell you want, nobody cares! Just stop bad mouthing celebrities because they want to speak their minds too. Sure it’s okay for all you shit heads with a website to talk smack about everyhting and anything, but when an intelligent woman who just happens to have television access tries to tell people what she thinks about a certain subject, you all of a sudden have a problem with her. I hate all you bastards who have nothing better to do than write all kinds of shit telling how some celebrity is wrong, or stupid, or fat. You’re a very un-christian asshole, you know that VoxDay? I’m sure that god character get’s a good laugh out of reading your stupid column too. Yup, he loves it when people treat other people like shit.

Yes, I understand that God was so upset with Jesus Christ for using physical violence on the temple moneychangers that He had him killed. And Jesus never called people names; sons of vipers is actually a compliment in the original Hebrew, is it not? Kody, darling, if no one cares about this, then why are you writing to me weeks after the fact?

The case against Janeane Garofalo is based on the grounds that she is a demonstrably clueless and ignorant individual who not only thinks she’s intelligent, but thinks she’s wiser and more intelligent than those she’s criticizing. Unlike you, she doesn’t realize that she knows nothing about politics, she fails to comprehend that she’s nothing more than another poorly educated celebrity who doesn’t know the first thing about the subjects she’s attempting to address. Furthermore, freedom of speech does not mean that one has the right to speak without expecting criticism, it simply means one has the right to speak. She does, so do I and so do you.

It seems that you feel Janeane can’t handle the heat, and indeed, if her pathetic and racist performance subsequent to her appearance on Larry Elder’s show was any indication, she can’t. As is the case with Krazy John Kerry, she can deal it out but she can’t take it. Run away, little girl, run away.

Anyone else have the feeling that all of this will fly completely over Kody’s empty little head?