Hindrocket makes the Star & Sickle’s Jim Boyd his bitch:

To sum up: Jim Boyd does not even attempt to deny any of the significant points we made. He simply assumes as true John Kerry’s revised version of his Cambodian fable, without acknowledging the contradictions among the various versions of Kerry’s story, and without noting that there is no support for the proposition that Kerry was ever in Cambodia, except for his own ever-shifting word. And where he challenges us on specific facts, Boyd is flatly wrong.

That’s a mighty weak basis on which to call us frauds, liars, and smear merchants. The hysterical tone of Boyd’s tirade shows, I guess, the desperation that has seized the Kerry campaign as the truth about their candidate finally begins to come out.

ONE MORE THING: If you think that the Star Tribune should run our response to Jim Boyd’s vicious, mean-spirited attack on us next Sunday, you can send a polite email to the editor of the Star Tribune’s editorial section, Eric Ringham, at If you would like to encourage Jim Boyd to act like a man and debate us face to face at the Minnesota State Fair next Saturday, you could make that polite suggestion to Mr. Boyd at Just a thought.

I happened to send Mr. Boyd the following email yesterday evening, entitled “Are you going to show?”

Dear Mr. Boyd,

I look forward to hearing your defense of Senator John Kerry’s account of his military service in Cambodia on the Northern Alliance Radio Show.

Best regards,

Vox Day

Universal Press Syndicate

Let’s just say I’m not holding my breath. Paperboys are hothouse flowers, with lousy educations consisting mostly of journalism classes in the place of actual subjects, accustomed to one-way debates where the only microphone is in their possession.