This seems hard to believe

From Rose Lear’s blog:

What an eye awakening day this was. I thought that I had seen it all having been involved from Viet Nam to the beginning of Desert Storm in my military and civilian law enforcement career, but

today I learned about a new part of the shame game.

For those who won’t bother to read all this report, let me spell out the body counts that 6 of us (all retired military and/or law enforcement) went out to confirm today in different areas. These

are confirmed bodies in the trucks, restaurant refers, or refer vans, and they are NOT “missing persons” or animals:

Charlotte Harbor areas – 58 dead as of 5pm today;

Fort Myers & the barrier islands – 21 deaths as of 3pm today;

Punta Gorda – 275+ deaths and escalating each hour;

Desoto County – 36 deaths, expected to increase;

These figures came from our own eyes, medical personnel, various county sheriff’s deputies, and eye witnesses or residents from the worst devastated areas. CNN and the rest of the world biased

and controlled media are fooling none of us who live here. The current CONFIRMED body count in our 3 county area on the west coast of Florida is near 400 as I write this….

There are staging areas for FEMA (with their red and white signs to let you know they are “there”), et al, that we could not openly enter into with photo and movie cameras having been

“discovered” in our vehicles… our cars and pick-ups were searched in the “sensitive” areas where the worst devastation took place and where we were then refused entry. None-the-less, we still walked into most of these “off limits” areas at waterfront motels, I-75 restaurant/commercial areas, destroyed mobile home parks, and the temporary Charlotte morgue… to name a few. This is how we came up with the above figures for body counts. We spoke with

medical personnel who have come from Miami to work triage and other temporary facilities, ambulance drivers (a special thanks to the Ambutrans people), homeless residents, and deputies from many different counties.

Obviously, I have no way of knowing if this is true. It could be a self-dramatizing hoax, or it could be the truth. But if the official body count suddenly changes dramatically sometime down the road after everyone has forgotten about the hurricane, it will be one more piece of evidence to keep in mind.