He won’t show

After the Star and Sickle ran a hit piece defending Krazy John against the Powerline duo of Hindrocket and the Big Trunk, the boys have called BS on Eric Ringham and Jim Boyd.

Jim, this morning you launched a vicious personal attack on Scott Johnson and me, apparently on behalf of the Strib’s editorial board. As usual with those who try to defend the indefensible, your vicious personal tirade was almost completely fact-free, and you didn’t even attempt to deny the central point of our piece, which was that Kerry’s now-retracted Christmas in Cambodia fable was a lie.

As it happens, we have a radio show, and we would like to debate you on this issue so that the public can be advised of all of the relevant facts–not just those that can be squeezed into a 750-word op ed. We hereby invite you to join us for a debate on our show, the Northern Alliance Radio Network, at 2:00 p.m. on Saturday, where we will be broadcasting live from the State Fairgrounds. You can present your case before a large live audience, an audience of many thousands on the radio, and an untold world-wide audience that will be listening via our internet stream. If you really think you can sustain the claim that John Kerry undertook secret missions to Cambodia, you will be there. We will debate this issue: “Kerry’s Christmas in Cambodia: An Innocent Mistake, or a Decades-long Pattern of Deception?”

Please confirm that we can look forward to debating you at 2:00 p.m. on Saturday, at the State Fairgrounds.

This should be fun to follow over the next few weeks, as the Northern Alliance guys pound the helpless paper boys and their failure to respond. Clearly, the Old Media is pulling out its hair at their inability to exercise their former monopoly over what news is permitted to reach the public. McCain-Feingold won’t do them any good now; everyone with half a brain is getting their news from the Internet already.

So, put on the steel-toed boots and kick some ass, gentlemen. But if you ever want to argue invasion probabilities, you know I won’t duck it.