The ever-changing story

So, John Kerry spent Christmas 1968 in Cambodia on the orders of President Nixon. Except Nixon wasn’t President in 1968. John Kerry’s Silver Star citation from 1969 is signed by Secretary of the Navy John Lehman, who was the Secretary of the Navy from 1981 to 1987. Mmm-kay….

While his media defenders embarrass themselves with their ignorance of East Asian geography, (no the Mekong Delta isn’t in Cambodia), his befuddled defenders in blogworld base their arguments on the “fact” that no one on Kerry’s boat agrees with the 250+ Swift Boat veterans who think John Kerry is a total fraud. Unfortunately for them, this “fact” is an incorrect assertion which doesn’t hold up any better than those haunting and fictional memories that are seared – seared – into John Kerry’s imaginative mind.

Steve Gardner is the sole crewman not swayed by Kerry during his many post-Vietnam years of solicitation aimed at gaining the support of his own crew. Today, Gardner asks: “How can Kerry possibly be commander in chief when he couldn’t competently command a six-man crew?” Gardner, a two-tour Swift Boat sailor who sat five feet behind Kerry in Vietnam and who saw many officers during his two years, judges Kerry to be by far the worst.

“Kerry was erratic,” Gardner said in an interview June 19. “He hardly ever did what he was supposed to do. His command decisions put us in more peril then he should have. But mostly he just ran. When John Kerry looked out the bow of the boat and he saw tracer fire coming after him, he’d turn and run.” Gardner added: “When he should have been fighting, calling in air support, he was hightailing it. That’s always been my bone of contention with Kerry — his decision-making capabilities. That’s what takes him out of contention as far as I’m concerned.”

My question is this: where’s Limahl when you need him?