That devious little minx

Space Bunny flawlessly put one over on me today. We went to church this morning, as we generally do, and I had no idea anything was going on behind those deceptively guileless blue eyes. After the service was over and we walked out, she told me that the pastor had told her that he needed to see me about something. I went back in and the pastor explained that he wanted me to meet someone.

He led me over to a tall blond man who was standing with his back towards me, and my jaw just about hit the floor when the man turned around, as the Perfect Aryan Male, seeking refuge from the hurricane, had flown in from out of town for an unexpected visit. Space Bunny had arranged the whole surprise of course, and although I’d noticed she’d disappeared for a while during the service, I hadn’t really thought anything of it. It turns out that she’d run out to pick up our friend, who arrived at the airport this morning.

So, the lesson for today is: watch out for the pretty blonde ones. Notice how they always laugh at the dumb blonde jokes? The truth is that they’re not laughing at the jokes, they’re laughing at you, because you’re buying into the picture they’re painting for you.