On the radio

I’m sorry about the bad stream link yesterday; according to Space Bunny, it didn’t work and you had to go directly to the Patriot 1280 site in order to find the correct one. The link posted was the one I was given and I simply passed it along without verifying it.

The show went well and St. Paul even said that he thought it was the best one we’d done yet as there were definitely some differing opinions being discussed this time around. I think I made some coherent points – that or they were simply being polite and pretending to concede that there are genuine threats within as without – and it’s always good to have the chance to chat with genuinely intelligent and informed individuals. Time flies when you’re having fun, though, and we didn’t even manage to get to our second topic despite having an hour to do so. So, the outraged suffragettes will just have to wait to get their knickers in a twist.

As it stands, I’ll be visiting the Northern Alliance again in September, if not sooner, and hopefully I’ll have the correct link for the live streaming next time.