Survey said

39% – (R) George Bush (183 votes)

5% – (D) John Kerry (22 votes)

39% – (L) Michael Badnarik (184 votes)

18% – (C) Michael Peroutka (86 votes)

The extremely close results would cause me to conclude that two of you were clicking on (L) and (R) in an attempt to one-up each other, except that the number of votes is about what I would expect given the traffic. So… I just don’t know. Blog traffic today was a little higher than normal, but that may have simply been the excitement caused by the discussion of a cuddle party. MOOOOOOO!

Anyhow, it’s nice to see that Dark Window and a few of his friends stopped by, and I’m a little surprised that Peroutka wasn’t closer to Badnarik. Still, a pretty solid showing for the Constitution Party here in this little corner of the extreme right wing. Interesting, too, that George Bush has solid electoral support even if he doesn’t have a lot of vocal defenders posting here on the blog.

And yet I doubt that the November elections will look anything like this, unless those Swift boat vets really manage to tattoo their version of events on the nation’s consciousness.