Mailvox: take away his dating card

TS shares a horror story:

Very good article – more like this please! I especially like the Fred Reed quote, as I married a child support bomb who eventually exploded with no visitation, and found out the child wasn’t even mine (that doesn’t matter at all in most states, and not very much in all of them). Tomorrow marks three years since I’ve seen my children, because even though she is a child molester she is still of the superior race, I mean sex, I mean “gender”. The hundred pounds of irrational anger is a bit light though, because once they have a successful child support career locked up, it usually runs more like 150, 160, 175, to 200 pounds.

Sounds like TS picked a real winner. This is the sort of story that causes men to put off proposing marriage even after they’ve bought the ring. Not that TS sounds especially inclined to date these days, but in the future, I would suggest that he have his sister or someone who cares about him do the selecting.

Some people can’t be trusted to handle their own dating decisions, and if something like this ever happens to you, you should probably assume that you’re one of them. In such cases, outsourcing is vastly preferable.