Mailvox: one has one’s standards

craigp wonders:

man, vox don’t like RUsh either? Ever since Rush lost weight he seems to just get better and better as far as I am concerned. A metaphor for the new leaner meaner fitter conservative. Vox besides Coulter and P.J. O ROurke what conservative pundits do you like?

I like plenty of political pundits. I like Jonah Goldberg, Thomas Sowell and Rod Dreher, I like Victor Davis Hanson, John Derbyshire, Ramesh Ponnuru and Jay Nordlinger at NRO. I like Bob Novak, Mike Adams, Doug Giles, Larry Elder and Michael Massie.

If you notice, most of the above names are not TV and radio people, or at least don’t see themselves that way first. TV and radio folks tend to write poorly and to think in rather superficial terms. Neal Cavuto is a nice guy, but I’d rather read the complete works of Mercedes Lacky AND Robert Jordan than one of his dreadful columns, and as for the purple pen of Brave Sir William, well, you already know what I think of that. I suspect that it’s partly a matter of ego and preference for fame over knowledge, and partly that the mediums foster quick but shallow thinking. It’s more important to get a zinger over than actually make an incisive point in a talking-head fest – the White Buffalo would not only rule, but absolutely DOMINATE on a Fox News show.

One thing I absolutely love about the blogs is that I will not only get called on my assertions, but that people have time to prepare their best shot. I can either respond off the top of my head or sit back and think the matter through for a while. And while I can more than hold my own in any verbal slangfest sans intellectual content, when I want to do that I hang out with tha boyz in my fantasy football league.