Sheer marketing genius

From CNN/SI:

The Charlotte Bobcats and WNBA Sting are entering a partnership with the YMCA of Greater Charlotte to provide a number of promotional and educational initiatives. The Sting also announced that since its name no longer makes sense with the departure of the Hornets to New Orleans, the franchise will be renamed the Charlotte Bites.

Yeah, working closely with the YMCA should help convince everyone that the WNBA isn’t a bastion of freakishly tall homosexuals. Maybe they can get the Village People to do their new theme song if the Indigo Girls are busy. If there was ever any doubt that the number of individuals with their wires crossed in the population is nowhere near the 10 percent reported by Kinsley, it is the total failure of the WNBA. The WNBA has been embraced more fervently by lesbians than anything since the invention of the vibrator, but despite their enthusiasm and the nonstop advertisements crammed down a hostile NBA audience’s throat, it remains in its own weird little quasi-sporting ghetto with an average attendance less than 60 percent of that of US sporting powerhouse, Major League Soccer.