Freak like John

The Fraters Libertas pull no punches:

Now take a listen to retired Navy Captain, Charlie Plumly, who had Kerry, “under my command for two or three specific operations before his rapid exit.”

Plumly is even less charitable to your new bud than the admiral. His quotes on Kerry’s service include these colorful expressions, “Devious, self-absorbing, manipulative, disdain for authority, disruptive.”

And then he gives us this little jewel, “But the most common phrase would have been requires constant supervision.”

Apparently Plumly must have let him off his leash, as John Francois managed to film his Homeric epic, where, like wrathful Achilles, he descended upon the banks of the River Min-ko to wreak havoc and death upon the multitudinous foe.

Kerry is clearly a creepy self-promoter of the sort to put even Bill O’Reilly to shame, but that being said, I don’t doubt that his Vietnamiad made for a better film than Brad Pitt’s Troy. I carry no water for Bush, but it astounds me that even a single true-believing, mouth-breathing Democrat would embrace this phony. Howard Dean was a Leftist lunatic, but he was an honest Leftist lunatic. If Kerry had been a Texan, I have no doubt that he’d be a loud and proud Republican.

For Pete’s sake, even Doonesbury saw through this guy decades ago. Fortunately, as we learned with Clinton, those who seek power for its own sake seldom have any particular notion of what to do with it. It’s those who see it as a means instead of an end, like Lenin or Mao, that you really have to worry about.