No tears for Ann

Some folks are attempting to summon outrage for Ann Coulter’s unceremonious dumping by USA Today. I don’t see why, as our beloved Miss Coulter did take the opportunity to leap straight over the top in a rather unlikely forum. Sure, the comments by the USA Today editor were stupid – one hopes he was being disingenuous – but USA Today is for people who want happy silly news in info-nuggets, not snarling contempt, however deserved.

Jonah Goldberg, who is a little more ideologically squishy than Ann and has that safe hail-fellow-well-met sense of humor ala Tucker Carlson that allows liberals to pretend that maybe he’s just kidding about all that conservative nonsense, would have been a better choice from the start. The mainstream media tilts heavily left, and the sooner one stops expecting it to be even-keeled, the better. Ann is wonderful, but she is for the red-meat lovers, not vegetarians who might nibble at a little piece of tofu.

There’s a place for running roughshod over left-liberal idiocies, but one of the foremost left-liberal newspapers probably isn’t one of them. And besides, who on Earth would want to go to the Democratic Convention anyhow?