Mailvox: Seething hatred

MW is close to tears:

I do not agree with your editorial regarding Bill O Reilly. I can see your hatred for him is so visible, if what you say has the slightest bit of true to it, it would be discounted because of your seething hatred.

Maybe if she knew that I was crying on the inside, thanks to the massive jealousy that another O’Reilly fan asserted I have for Brave Sir Bill, she’d feel differently.

JS, meanwhile, only managed to confuse me:

I understand what you mean by OReilly setting up straw men, and not standing solidly on the principles he espouses. I have been frustrated with his stand on many issues that seem to contradict his values. I however disagree with your assessment of his selling himself and having a hazy grip of political reality. I think he does stretch his views in an attempt to seem fair and moderate which comes across to me as weak and wishy-washy, but I think his grip is relatively solid and he aims his guns at real and important enemies. Three examples are France, the ACLU, and Rap Music.

JS had me at hello, but he lost me with that last bit. But who could disagree that without Brave Sir William standing in between us and the raw all-devouring lethality that is Rap Music, our civilization would have already collapsed into chaos, carnage and cannibalism. Someone please, please tell me that Mr. O’Reilly has uttered the words “Rap is crap!” No, that would just be too perfect, it’s probably too much to wish for.

So, Brave Sir William is all for the Patriot Act, abortion and homogamy, but he stands firmly against Foxy Brown and Public Enemy. Hoo-raa! The phrase “fiddling while Rome burns” springs to mind.

I got a letter from the Factor

The other day

I opened and read it

It said they were suckers.

They wanted me for their show or whatever

Picture me giving a damn

I said never.