My low, low standards

Puzzled thinks we’re looking for perfection:

maybe it is the ability to count, and an understanding of the electoral system, which the ideologues don’t seem to begin to understand…. Mrs. Schaeffer used to tell us in studies when she was still here that one of her late husband’s favorite phrases was “In a Fallen world, if you demand perfection or nothing, you will always get nothing.”

I’m afraid it’s you who repeatedly fail to understand. Yes, we understand how to count. Yes, I understand the electoral system. I simply don’t believe it makes one bloody bit of difference if Faction A (international socialists) or Faction B (corporatist socialists) is in power. And the facts of the matter are clearly on my side, as I’ve previously illustrated the many, many similarities between Bush and Kerry.

Puzzled, like all Republican cheerleaders, can’t think past tomorrow. Like every conservative Republican since Barry Goldwater was the Promised Land, he’s hoping for a miracle as the country further rots. Since the serious putrification began so long ago, the speed with which it proceeds is totally unimportant except in the shortest term.

I am not demanding perfection. Not even close. I simply hope and pray for a government that will somehow manage to avoid killing its own citizens. If my standards for women were as low as my standards for government, I’d be cheerfully dating a 65 year-old crack addict with no teeth and a bad case of syphilis.