Mailvox: the sarahcentric universe

Sarah is overcome with the vision in the mirror:

everything *is* about me!! After all, how can anybody not love me? It would be a travesty! So, you know, if I do write a review – and my review is at least half about me, well, you can’t begrudge me that! I am doing it for all of you. To behold my magnificence and splendour: it is a gift! That I would deign to do so in your presence should be deemed a privilege! It is all of course for your benefits.

How on Earth did you miss becoming a stripper?

Anyhow, as to book reviews, if people would like to start emailing me fiction reviews in the following format:, I will post one of them here each week and save the others for when the web site is ready. Try to stick to the format and be sure to include what you feel to be a representative text sample.

Don’t feel any need to stick to the classics or the intellectually impressive, but feel free to review them if you like. This isn’t a contest, just something that might make for interesting discussions from time to time.