The Passion of the Corpulent

At least if Michael Moore had asked us to eat of his body, we would have all eaten well. My friends at Fraters Libertas point us to these paired quotes from movie reviewers who seem to have overwhelmingly preferred the Corpulent One’s testimony of faith to Mr. Gibson’s. An example:

Jami Bernard, NY Daily News:

F9/11: I was in tears after first seeing “Fahrenheit” at Cannes.

Passion: The most virulently anti-Semitic movie made since the German propaganda films of World War II.

Michael Moore is the Sweet White Savior who waren’t never a Jew for the ignorant hicks of the global Left. Large, fat and loud, Europeans love him because he personally confirms their view of the ugly American even as he provides cover for their political cluelessness. When I was in Venice a few years ago, I complimented an artist on how his work had captured the city’s moody, mouldering ambience, in contrast to the many nearby watercolorists whose cheerful, brightly colored paintings could have easily been mistaken for Florence had they only lacked the famous Venetian landmarks.

The artist asked from whence I came, and his eyes literally widened when I told him I am an American. “No, you cannot be, you are too cultured,” he said. Which is ridiculous, but demonstrates rather clearly that it is not only the European elite that has no understanding of America and Americans. Their portly pied-piper allows them to preserve an outmoded view of a world that is passing them by, as they blithely stroll towards the deep waters of Islamic electoral majorities.